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After working for almost 38 years as a Civil Engineer with various organizations in my home country, Malaysia and in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, I decided to retire two years ago.

But I got bored and to keep my mind busy, I rejoined a Project Management Consulting firm. I also filled my time with my hobbies that include gardening, traveling, yoga, anything related to healthy living and now…ONLINE WRITING. At the moment, I do my stuff online, that is what I enjoy doing and that is where I get fulfillment.

how old is too old to start a business

How Old is Too Old to Start a Business?

Before venturing into my online stuff especially building this website, people used to tell me, “You are too old to learn”. And that I am too old to do online business. Their opinion was that I will trip over the technical jargon and will have no clue whatsoever on HTML, CSS, and other codes. When you passed the 60-year-old barrier, they don’t expect you to start all over again. They don’t expect you to have a new dream again. Is there no such thing as adult learning programs?

So, can someone tell me, “How old is too old to start a business?” Does this have an age limit? Do not let this thought that you are too old hold you back. I was 60 when I started and I would have done likewise if I were to be 70 then. You can accomplish almost anything if you put your mind to it. There is no age limit to start again.

My secret is this – I focused on my goals and was not deterred by these distractions.

how old is too old to start a business

The journey was a bit bumpy for me until I found HubPages.

Making Money on HubPages

I tell you! ……….. It is never too old to start again.

HubPages was perfect for me. It has all the tutorials, support and best of all the out of the box functionalities. I don't have to be web savvy. I was just writing good contents with good keywords. I was making some money on HubPages and that was encouraging for me.

The only problem is the frequent Google updates. It created havoc with massive loss of traffic on HubPages, sitewide.

So I decided to try out other options while still working on HubPages. I wanted something similar i.e. easy to learn with lots of support and be surrounded with a community that cares. A site that I own 100% and keep 100% of the revenue.

In my search for a review of a particular tutorial website, I stumbled on Wealthy Affiliate.

What is Wealthy Affiliate  (WA)?

WA is an online training course that helps turn your passion into a successful business online. For me, the best thing about WA is the learning environment. It has step-by-step courses, video to help you further, chat with other members, and easy to post questions on any issues/problems that you have. It works like any social media sites like Facebook.

Since I had some bad experience with the scamming websites, I was hesitant initially. But after going through their profile and free trial, I found WA to be a genuine program. You can read my unbiased review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Free?

It is free for a basic account. I took up this free account to check if the site is right for me. There is no credit card info required and no auto billing. Just my name, email address, my username, and password.

The free basic account gives me access to the ten-course modules, two free websites and free hosting. I can stay on as a free member forever, at no additional course. But I wanted to learn more ( a 60+ guy wanted to learn more?) and be successful in my online ventures.

I want to be that late bloomer that succeeds despite my age! I wanted to start a business from home.

I know starting a new online business is not easy. That is why I choose WA as my vehicle to take me on this journey to financial freedom. There are so much to learn, especially in finding the right keyword for better SEO (search engine optimization). I also wrote a review on a keyword research tool, Jaaxy. You can read this review on Jaaxy, here.

So, did you ever pass on something that looks good to you, because of age or lack of know-how, and now regretting it? I can relate to that. I was there too.

Trust me, starting an online business with WA was my smartest move so far. It is also fun and did not eat into my retirement savings in any way.

But hey, young people, and not only seniors or retired people, can sign up with WA. It’s for anyone that is serious about improving their lifestyle and have an extra cash in hand. To me, WA is like affiliate marketing for dummies!

You can check all these yourself, and if you decide to give them a try, you can then proudly say, this is my wealthy affiliate website. my wealthy affiliate



P.S To make money online, I have to monetize this site. So, if you click on the link, ad or banner, I might get a commission. Thanks for your support.

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