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In this review, "What is Jaaxy? - Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review", I will look at Jaaxy's features, the tools, the pricing option, and its pros and cons.  With so many free and paid keyword research tools available in the market, will Jaaxy delivers and is it a value for money investment?

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

To get Traffic to My Website

There are many ways to get traffic to your website. One way is to use a good keyword research tool, then find the right keyword for your post. Then write good content for this keyword. Jaaxy is probably one of the best tools for this. But more on this later. (Meanwhile, give Jaaxy a try on the keyword search button, below)

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Why Jaaxy? What is wrong with Google's AdWords Keyword Tool? It is free and supported by Google. So, it should be good, right?

It is good for a start. But if you are serious about monetizing your website, then you know how important is keyword research for your SEO and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) process. So, to rely solely on Google's AdWords Keyword Tool may be an unsound decision due to its shortcomings. These are:

  • Google's AdWords Keyword Tool will give an estimate of searches for a particular keyword and not always accurate.

  • You need to organize your search results yourself say, with Microsoft Excel.

  • Long tail keywords may be difficult.

  • Since it is free, others might use the same keyword list.

  • Search results give a limited number of keywords, which may not be enough for your research.

  • Google Keyword Tool is more for advertisers to check for a particular keyword, to display their advertisement on Google site.

  • It is not a full-fledged keyword tool.
Here is where Jaaxy comes in.

Best Keyword Search Software

Is Jaaxy the best keyword search software? With so many keyword research tools available in the market, which is the best keyword search software? Which is a value for money investment? Do I need to use all the features of the research tools? Before we address these questions, let's have a brief overview of Jaaxy.

Note: I do affiliate marketing and I may earn a commission if you decided to subscribe to Jaaxy's paid membership. (You can read my online journey here.)However, I want you to know that I am sharing my honest personal view of this product and will not jeopardize my online presence by giving false information to my readers. My online presence is also to make extra money on the side (to help maintain this site :-)). So it will be crazy for me to be dishonest to my readers. I want them to come back or refer their contacts to me. So the choice is yours whether to buy or not.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

Jaaxy keyword tool is not only fast but easy to use. It uses up-to-date data from Google AND all other search engines to give you real numbers.  Other competitors rely only on Google results, and some useful data that can be a year old.

You can try Jaaxy for free and you will see that it is easy, yet powerful.
Did you try out the keyword search on the Jaaxy that I posted above?finger pointing up
If you haven't, then you must give it a try.

Jaaxy - Overview Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

Website: Jaaxy
Product Type: Keyword Research Tool
Price: $0/ $19 per month/ $49 per month
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Overall Rank: 95 out of 100
Who it’s for: Newbie – Expert

What is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is an online keyword search tool that let you know how many sites are ranked for a particular keyword. When you know your competition, you can pick the best keyword that will improve your search engine ranking. A keyword that is relevant.

With this knowledge, you can go out and write articles that are not only valuable to the reader, but the reader can FIND you.

Unlike Google AdWords Keyword Tool which is geared for AdWords advertisers, Jaaxy let you find niches in an efficient way and FAST!

Jaaxy's Other Features

  1. Site Rank Tool - Let you check how well your site ranked with the targeted keyword

  2. Search Engine Results Pages - Where is your website landing page in the search results for your targeted keyword on Google, Yahoo and Bing?

  3. Competition Tool - Who are your competitor. See the photo below that show how you can spy on your competitor 

      Jaaxy Keyword Tool

  4. Affiliate Program Search - A time-saving tool to search for any products on the top 5 affiliate sites.

  5. Keyword Lists - List of your keywords that can be updated and export as CSV or .TXT format. Check this video on how to export your Jaaxy keyword lists:

  6. Brainstorm - Let you brainstorm for any keywords or niches based on Google Hot Trends, Amazon.com Best Sellers, Yahoo! Buzz Index Movers, Alexa Hot Topics & Twitter Trends.

  7. Daily Search History - Archive of your past searches.

Check this Video and see how fast Jaaxy delivers search results:

Jaaxy's Features I Usually Use

Despite all the features in Jaaxy, most people will rarely use all of them. Likewise, for all the other companies that charge you more than Jaaxy. So, why pay more if you only use some of its features?

For example, I only use the following features in Jaaxy and I am sure others are too.

Keyword Data: Everyone uses this to get the most traffic and which will rank the most.

Keyword Lists: This is a compilation of your keywords, which can be exported as a spreadsheet.

Site Rank: To see how you and your competitor rank.

Competition: Let you see who is ranking for your targeted keyword.

So, with all these, what do I like and dislike about Jaaxy?

The Pros and Cons of Jaaxy

prosWhat I like about Jaaxy

  • Search data are from Google, Yahoo and Bing and Jaaxy’s propriety data – for more accurate data.

  • It shows only relevant and useful data i.e. keyword competition (aim for below 300) and traffic (at least 50), so you don't waste time with other detail.

  • No need to download any software – you use it online on any PC or Mac or smartphone or tablet.

  • Since it is online, you will be using the updated version.

  • Easy to understand and learn – you can start your keyword search immediately!

  • User-friendly interface – no need to check manual or documentation.

  • It is fast - you don’t have wait ages for the results to show up.

  • Good support – in case you need it.

  • Good training material – to further sharpen your skills.

  • Free trial with 30 searches. I wish they give more, but you can increase this if you get referrals.

consWhat I don't like about Jaaxy

  • A free trial is only for 30 searches - this usually ends up pretty fast and may not be enough to feel the juice

  • No option for other languages except English

  • If you are just starting your online presence, the basic plan may be a bit expensive

  • Some people prefer one-time payment and not the recurring monthly bill -  this is not available at Jaaxy

  • Some of us may not use all the features, so we are paying for something that we don’t us


Jaaxy has a free trial offer but limited to 30 searches only. You can increase this credit by referring others to join in. This is interesting as it allows you free access (limited to your credit) without going for paid membership. You can check out the detail on their website from the blog menu.

Once you decided to sign up for the program, Jaaxy has two membership levels and payment is on a monthly basis. For some who prefer one-time annual payment (and hates the recurring monthly bills), sorry, this is not available at Jaaxy. To know what is available for each membership levels, see the comparison table below.

Price        FREE
     Free Trial
   $19 per month
  $49 per month
Keyword Searches            30    Unlimited      Unlimited
Keyword Competition             ×            a a
Instant Competition (QSR)             ×        Manual         Instant 
Alphabet Soup Search     5 Results      15 Results        50 results 
Domain Availability            ×        Manual         Instant 
Multi-Tabbed Search            ×        2 tabs          5 tabs 
SEO Analysis            ×            a    (5x Speed) 
Site Rank Analysis            a            a              a 
Search History            ×            a              a 
Website Analyzer            a            a              a 
Affiliate Program Finder            a           a             a 
Keyword List Manager            a           a              a 
Data Sorting             ×           x               a 
Brainstorm Idea Feed            a           a               a 
Speed             1x           2x             5x
Affiliate Program            a           a                a
Best For Getting Started    New Websites       Power Users 

Note: Payment is either through credit cards or PayPal.

Watch this video and know the different perks on Jaaxy Pro ($19 per month) and Jaaxy Enterprise ($49 per month)

Price Comparison with Other Keyword Search Tool

CompanyJaaxyWordStream Term Explorer Moz's KeywordSEMrush Ahrefs Accuranker 
Pricing Tiers$19 per month for pro
$49 per month for enterprise
$249/month (12 months)
$279/month (6month)
$2,748 /year
$34/mo. for Basic $97/mo. for Pro
$499/mo. for Agency
$99/mo. for Standard $149/mo. for Medium; $249/mo. for Large
$599/mo. for Premium
 $69.95/mo. for Pro $149.95/mo. for Guru
$549.95/mo. for Business
 $99/mo. for Lite $179/mo. for Standard
$399/mo. for Advanced
 $19.95/mo. for Beginner $29.95/mo. for Pro 300 $44.95/mo. for Pro 600 $74.95/mo. for Pro 1K

Note: All companies offer a free trial. Companies such as AdWords, Marin Software, Kenshoo, etc. do not advertise the pricing structure and are not listed above. Market Samurai (also not listed above) basic plan is $147 per month but is reduced to $97 per month if sign up for full version within the first 5 days of the free trial.

From the comparison table, Jaaxy Pro & Enterprise memberships are the lowest in monthly membership price structure. But don't be fooled into thinking that lower price equates to sub-standard quality. It is, in fact, one of the fastest and efficient keyword tools, beating even the top-tier price products.

Who is Jaaxy For?

Jaaxy is easy to use despite its powerful and lightning fast features. It is suitable for newbies as well as experts and enterprises.

If you are an affiliate marketer, content writer, bloggers, domain and site flippers, SEO companies, advertising companies or online advertisers, you will find Jaaxy useful and a value-for-money investment.

Training and Tools at Jaaxy

At Jaaxy, you get training videos on keyword search, using keyword search competition tool, on keyword search SERPs, & how to make money through Jaaxy's keyword search affiliate program. You also get text resources on the subject such as how to do keyword research, what to do once you find your targeted keyword, and etc.

There's also the case study to help you understand the techniques available and for you to apply.

Support at Jaaxy

Jaaxy is created, owned and maintained by Kyle and Carson, the same team who owns Wealthy Affiliate. You can check my Wealthy Affiliate Review here.

If you know of the standard at Wealthy Affiliate with their excellent support program, then you will not be disappointed with Jaaxy's own fast and reliable support system.

If you ever need help, you will get it at Jaaxy -fast.

Wrapping Up My Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

There are so many Keyword Research Tools out there and it can be confusing. There's the Free version and the Paid version. All have their limitations, their pros, and cons.

If you are serious about ranking your site on the first page of Google, then invest in the right keyword research tool. (Jaaxy has a FREE trial and you can check them out yourself.)

I have done my research on Jaaxy and from this review, I can safely and honestly tell you that it is legit, and is probably the best value for money keyword research tools around (just look at the price comparison table, to start with).

To recap:
  • It is a reliable online keyword research tool

  • Easy to use

  • Lightning fast

  • You get reliable results

  • Get the scoop on your keyword competition

So, What's Next?

If you are interested in using Jaaxy, sign up now for the free account. Just click on the red button below. Once you are ready and happy with the program, you can upgrade to either the pro version or the enterprise version.

If you want my opinion, the pro version is more than adequate for most people.


  1. This is a very detailed view of Jaaxy. I certainly appreciate this, it really does cover everything. I also appreciate your pros and cons too. Jaaxy definitely has its big things and small things, and its positives and negatives.

    I've personally used Jaaxy and I loved every bit of it. I also used Google Keyword Planner, before it was google keyword tool. It was alright as keyword tool, but as it changed, there were some definite differences that I didn't like. One of them was that the searches wasn't accurate! Anyway, great job on the review again. I recommend this to anyone who's serious about their online business.

  2. Hi there Mazlan,

    I am a long time user of Jaaxy and I use most of the features except the affiliate programs part. The keywords brainstorming and alphabet soup are two of my favorites. They help me uncover long-tail low-competition phrases easily.

    I never thought about it's limitation for local or global searches. That's probably because my targeted audience is generally global and English speaking. For that purpose, Jaaxy works very well for me.

  3. Hi, Cathy. Thanks for dropping by and sharing your experience, using Jaaxy. I have not used the alphabet soup technique, but I used it outside of Jaaxy (on Google). Now that you had mentioned it, I think I should now try it on Jaaxy. Thanks for this tip!Cheers and have a good day.

  4. Jay, thank you for your positive thoughts on Jaaxy. I too love Jaaxy and the membership fee is one of the lowest. It is truly a good investment especially if we are serious about getting our website ranked #1 on Google. Google Keyword Planner is free, but as you had rightly said, it has its limitation.
    And thank you for your kind words.


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