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Want to earn extra money from home? No matter how good or bad is the country’s economy, we all need that extra cash. Extra cash to pay for the unexpected expenses, to pay down the mortgage or even for the basic necessity. Interested to know how?

earn extra money from home

This post 'Why Earn Extra Money from Home? - To Earn Extra Income From Home' will explain how and why proper training and a good understanding of online business are important, and where you can get good coaching for FREE.

Tip #1 - Steer Clear of Online Scams

There are thousands of ways to make that extra money.
One that is popular is doing online business. Everyone seems to be doing that and it sounds like online business is easy. Just get a website, put in an awesome content and get the traffic.
In a way, it is easy. It is also easy to fail and lose money. Some, in their eagerness to earn extra money and financial freedom, fell victim to scams. I was one of them.

Tip #2 - Get Good Online Business Coach

That is why I believed before we embark on online business, we must get proper coaching and training.
With proper training, we will not be struggling to build our online business. And we can reach our full potential. This is one of the many ways to avoid scams online.

So, how do we choose one that is legit?

It is not easy. The scammers have become more sophisticated. They use ingenious schemes designed to con us into believing it is legitimate. But if we have some understanding of online business, we will not be easily conned. There are many resources we can turn to, to gain this knowledge. I used to buy books from Amazon.com and eBay to learn these stuff but after a few pages, I got discouraged.

So How?

Here, I list out what we should be looking for:

i. Training on Online Marketing

Since we have none or limited experience with online business, we need to hold hands with experts. They will guide us, with simple to understand tutorials. We need to go through the step by step training from the beginning.

It has to be current as the internet world changes every minute. Google alone does more than 500 minor changes to its search algorithm a year. It has, at least, one major update in a year that will affect the search results in considerable ways.

How does this affect our online business? If our website is not updated to be Google-search friendly, people may not be able to reach the website. Simple as that.

ii. Expert in Online Business

They must be in the online business for at least five years or more.

They had experienced failures themselves and now, already successful.

They must have a true passion for helping people and trained customers successfully. Getting an expert to coach will help us identify ways to avoid scams online.

iii. Online Course Design - Task Oriented Training

The most effective online courses should allow us to learn at our own pace. Will we be bored if the tutorial is just reading through the manuals?

It must have videos to help explain the steps, like which tabs to click etc. and it must be a task-oriented training.

It should allow us to interact socially with the tutors as well as other newbies or advanced students. There are forum sites for us to post questions. To discuss problems or to read suggestions from others. This will add tremendous value to our learning curves and we learn faster.

iv. Quality of Online Course

Is there a quality control that supports the online course? Is it relevant? Is there any feedback provided to ensure the course is properly delivered and learned? These are some of the questions we should ask before we enroll in the program.

v. Customer Retention Rate

Are there students or customers that stayed or migrate to the advanced classes? If yes, then it is a good sign of the success of the online course.

Are there customers that have built a SUCCESSFUL business online? If yes, then it is another good sign of the success of the online course.

vi. Earn Extra Income - Or Earn While Learning Online? Can I Earn Extra Cash

Is this possible?

Yes, if we choose the right program. One that will allow us to build a real and tangible business website by the first week of our lessons. And earn while we continue to learn more from the advanced tutorials.

Of course, this will only happen if we take action on the tasks and work through the tutorials! Like any other business, it too needs our dedication and hard work.

If we need extra cash fast, isn’t this what we should be looking for?

vii. Online Free Tech Support

If we are a newbie in this business many of the tutorial terms and instructions may not be easily understood. Or we may get stuck and need help ASAP to solve our problem. We need someone that is available to explain and guide us through. A Customer Service Support that is available 24/7.

Let's Get Started.

Now that we know what to look for before enrolling in any online courses, let’s get started.

Just Google ‘free online courses’ and we get 460,000,000 results! If we narrow our searches to ‘free online course for online business’, we get a staggering 699,000,000 results! More than our initial search!

Tip #3 - Here's the Free Online Learning Course

To make it easier, I have done all that searching and found one site that satisfies all the above checklists. An online business community that will teach, train and support us. It is Wealthy Affiliate.  I go online to make extra money and I will not risk this position by recommending a site that will not work.

You can read my Wealthy Affiliate Review here and judge it for yourself, the authenticity of the course material.

Here is a summary of the above checklist and how Wealthy Affiliate (WA) satisfies these lists:

  1. Training on online marketing: The education at WA is through simple step-by-step tutorials. It will always be updated to be relevant today and tomorrow. There are more than 750 training updates done per year.

  2. Expert in an online business: WA has been in the business for over 10 years and had trained over 1 million customers. In 2015 alone, WA trained 217,530 people to start their first online business. This is amazing!

  3. Online course design - Task Oriented Training: The training at WA is live and interactive. Each course is broken down into 10 separate lesson plans with accompanying videos. This illustrates the instruction better and is good for newbies that are not tech-savvy. You can interact directly with the lessons and ask for help if required. One of the tools available on WA is the keyword research tool, and it is FREE. This will help you find the right keyword for your targetted niche. The founder-owners of Wealthy Affiliate also has a paid keyword research tools, Jaaxy, with more functions. But you can try them out for free with 30 free searches. If you are keen to know more, read my review on Jaaxy.

  4. The quality of online course: WA had successfully trained 1,000 people every day. People who have no prior experience and technical knowledge. This alone is a good testimony of their quality. To improve the quality of the online course, there are over 155 system improvements in the past year.

  5. Customer retention rate: Wealthy Affiliate has been in the business since 2005 and helped over 1 million people to succeed in the online business. One of the key reasons why people stayed or upgraded to paid premium is the simplicity of the training. All the tools required for online business are here in WA.

  6. Earn while you learn online: This sounds unreal, but it is true in WA. The powerful, yet simple training platform, allows you to be up and running in five days. From building a new website and going online with your business. This gives you an opportunity to earn while you continue to learn.

  7. Online free tech support: Wealthy Affiliate is active 24/7. With free tech support, not only from WA founders and staff but also from the helpful WA community. A community that spreads across the globe.

Build Website for Free

Again, why Wealthy Affiliate?

Because the starter account is FREE

We don’t have to upgrade to the paid premium membership to succeed. All we need to do is register with our email and complete our profile. No credit cards required! You can check them out for yourself if it is free.

Wealthy Affiliate Money Making Program - Tell Me More!

But as I had said before, no business will succeed without our dedication and hard work.

Even if we enroll in Wealthy Affiliate, don’t think it will be an overnight success. We have to work hard to go through the program. Ask a lot of questions. Learn not just from the founders, Kyle and Carsons, but also from other expert WA members.

Feeling discourage already?

Wealthy Affiliate has everything that we need to start or grow our online a business. We can build our website, do a keyword search and get help. It is all there.

So, hang on because you are in the right vehicle to take you on this road to financial success.

OK, But Can I Build Website for Free?

Let me say this again - 'Wealthy Affiliate has everything that we need to start or grow our online business. We can build our website, do a keyword search and get help'.

This is one site that gives us one-on-one training and guidance by Kyle and Carson. Other websites will promise but seldom deliver. At WA, it is available to ALL members.

Another amazing thing about WA is its community. They have a mentality focused on helping others. They value every WA members and if we have questions or stuck with any problems, someone is there to help out. They have members from all over the world, so help is 24/7.

After all, it is free. There are no other sites out there that are better than WA.


Why must I recommend Wealthy Affiliate? Is it legit? How can I tell?

I am here to build my online business. And I want to be successful in this online business. But, I also know that to be successful, people must trust you. You don't meet people face to face when you do online business. The trust comes from your content and your genuine effort to help. That is why I recommend a program that I myself is a member and had tried before.

You also know that I have to monetize this site to earn extra cash. So, if you click on the advertisement, link or banner, I might earn a commission.

Back to your question on why I recommend WA.

As I had said before, I have done all the searching and read all the reviews. I don’t want you to waste your time and energy. In my honest opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is worth trying. Go for the FREE starter membership and see it for yourself.

Photo Credit: Pixabay


  1. Great post, You really spelled out what to look for when getting started and needing help. Wish I had found these guidelines 15 years ago. I listened and spent a lot of money trusting the wrong people. I found wealthy affiliate a year ago and it is everything you say it is. The free account is where I started and found out how professional it is. I highly recommend anyone reading your post listen to your recommendation. Great post

  2. Hi, Bob. Thanks for sharing your own experience here. Happy to know that Wealthy Affiliate has helped you and I hope others will benefit as well. Cheers.

  3. Thanks for writing this post. No doubt, Wealthy Affiliate's a gem. The learning is top notch and the community is so supportive. I hope your readers give it a chance, especially if they want to start working for themselves but don't know all the details for how to do so. They will get this information there in spades.

  4. Hi, Susan. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Wealthy Affiliate. Before I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I was writing on HubPages, another awesome site. There, I have to share my income with HP, which is fair - they pay for the support and hosting etc. But the desire to have my own website lead me here, at WA. I am glad you too, find Wealthy Affiliate a great site to learn EVERYTHING about online marketing. Wishing you success on your road to financial success, Susan.

  5. Every year my new year resolution is to get out of my 9-5 routine and no matter how hard I tried, I am back to where I was. Now that I am kind of inspired by this post, I will give it a shot!

  6. Hey SDJake, I am happy to hear that you are now ready for the ride to success. The ride might be bumpy with potholes and even speed trap. Don't worry. You are in the right vehicle!

  7. Hey Mazlan,

    From your article, I can really understand the type of platform Wealthy Affiliate is all about. I really do think it's like a university to learn online marketing. Since being a member I was hooked on the information that was on offer.

    Honestly, if you compare WA with any other platform it simply just dosesn't much up. The amount of value you can gain for the price it truly is worthwhile going perineum.

    Can't wait to see what the future holds for your site and the more information you will provide for internet marketers like myself.

  8. Hi Vinnie. Thanks for the input and I am glad to hear that you are already benefiting from being a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member. There are so much to learn and all the resources required are here at WA for you to earn that extra income.Yup, I will be sharing and write on my experience and knowledge gain/ challenges faced etc. and hopefully we will all gain from it.Thanks once again for dropping by and success to you too on your online business.


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