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This article on how to write content naturally from keyword is now republished at my other site https://sixtyplustips.blogspot.com/2016/06/how-to-naturally-write-content-from.html

Please visit the site. Thank You 


  1. This is an excellent description Mazlan. I too am creating a website and this has been a great resource for me, thanks. Trying to write quality content while using specific keywords has been a challenge for me and your post here has definitely helped thanks.
    I especially like the suggestion of putting a question into the title, I think I will try that with some of my posts.


  2. I am glad this article has helped you in a small way. Yes, putting question into the title does help gets attention from readers. I try to do this whenever it is possible. Good luck in your content writing and wishing you success.

  3. I really liked this post. It clearly explained the importance of how to use keywords and the points you highlighted about not going keyword crazy throughout the post was spot on. I also liked your suggestion about including a question to grab the user's attention. Lots of interesting stuff to consider when writing a post.

  4. Great article on writing content based on keywords. The article highlights the importance of writing naturally yet paying attention to the importance of keywords. Keywords, especially long-tailed keywords, need to be focused at the right audience. For those who are looking for important tips and tricks to using keywords, this article is a great resource. I highly recommend readers bookmark this site for future reference.

  5. No problem MelP42...I'm glad to help

  6. Thanks Glen. Appreciate it.

  7. Nice article about keywords. There are so many interpretations out there on the best way to use them. I love your list. One thing on it that I never thought of is using synonyms of keywords. That makes perfect sense.
    I can't agree with you more about writing with purpose and providing solutions for those searching for answers.
    Thanks for the great info.

  8. Hi, Warren. Thanks for the compliment and yes, you are right. there are many interpretations on how to use keywords.But what is important is to write a natural text. You can use different versions of your focus keyword (or long tail keyword) a couple of times and you should be good.

  9. Thanks for the informative article. I completely agree that you must be smart with your keywords. It is a terrible idea to form your articles around keywords because then it won't make sense (using keywords too many times). It is best to write your content organically, but it is also important to have your content relatable to the keyword or phrase you are using.

  10. Hi, Jacob. When I first started blogging, that was the difficult part but after writing a few articles, it gets easier. People say practice makes perfect, but if you keep repeating the same mistake, you will not get anywhere. So never stop learning and wealthy affiliate is the best place to learn and undo all the mistakes.


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